Adding a Share to Facebook Button

These days our lives are governed by social media. Millions of people connected and talking to each other means opinions are spread more rapidly and discoveries of new products and services happen on a much larger scale. You can take advantage of this to raise awareness of your page. Thanks to web development kits, it is incredibly easy to add a social media button on your page. What does that mean, you may ask? It allows anyone who visits your page to share to Facebook. This lets all of their friends know about your page. In other words, it lets you have free marketing done by your potential customers.

People love sharing the things they find with each other, just like a group of friends at a restaurant might share food. All it takes is one person visiting your page, liking what they see, and clicking share post. Everyone they have a connection to online is now looking at your page. A few of them click share to Facebook, and before you know it, you are getting exposure on an almost global scale.

Try it for yourself. Just randomly surf the web for a few minutes and you are sure to find several pages with Facebook share buttons. Share with your friends, and watch how many of them respond to it. Remember, only a percentage of those who see what you posted will respond to or share it, so look at how many friends you have. That is how many people could potentially see what you posted. You have shown a lot of people something someone else created and all it took from you was the simple click of a button.

Everyone likes simplicity. That is exactly what a share to Facebook button will bring to your page. The more visitors you get, the more people are likely to click that button, and the more new visitors you will get. It is a form a marketing that practically does itself and costs you nothing.