Can We Share Something With You?

From a very young age, most of us are taught how to share. As children, we are often told to share our toys, or our snacks with others. When we are a little bit older we share stories, books, music and experiences. Then, when we are old enough, we get on social media and share things electronically.

On social media sights, people can quickly and easily share posts with all of their online friends at the same time. When you share to facebook, your friends can see what you have shared on your page. It is common for people to share posts that they find funny, interesting or informative. For the most part, you still have to share food in person, but online there are pictures, videos and blogs that you can share with your friends no matter where you are or where they are.

Being able to share posts is not limited to social networking. Oftentimes people share posts for reasons that have to do with business or education. With the use of the technology that is available to us, there are now many share conferences taking place.
A share conference is one that takes place between people who are not in the same physical location. They are convenient, and can also save businesses a lot of money and time that would otherwise be spent traveling back and forth to attend a traditional conference.