Child Has Super Powers – Entertainment Videos

become a superhero. The combination of their imaginations and trustworthiness make them perfect people to pull pranks, such as that in the video.

This video shows a dad in the outdoors with his child. The father is hiding an opener for the garage. In the meantime, his son believes that he is able to access the garage door by just a single hand movement. The boy is wearing a Marvel tanktop. He clearly knows a bit or two about superheroes. The clip continues as the kid moves toward open the garage doors. The father uses his garage door opener in secret to shut and open the door, while the child is moving. It’s a hilarious and adorable moment. Child screams with delight at the door as it opens and shuts. The door doesn’t respond to the child’s movements, but. The child’s powers have not been working as the father jokes with his son. He now looks determined. He continues in vain to try to unlock the door. Finally, the father presses the button to unlock the door. With the return of his superpowers, the child gets excited again.