Do You Need Gas Range Repair? – AT HOME INSPECTIONS

e repair, we can help. The video below explains the most important factors that lead to oven repair as well as some ways you can do to fix it.

Gas range ovens may contain a defective igniter or lighter. With time, the ignition will weaken because of constant wear. The oven might not heat properly, or even not at all. To check if your oven’s igniter is lit when it starts to turn on, pull off the covers. If so, and the oven isn’t glowing that means the oven is too weak and needs to be repaired or replaced.

Gas ovens might have a thermostat that monitors temperatures of the oven. The igniter can be affected when the thermostat is worn out. To check if your thermostat is operating in a continuous state using the multimeter. If it is, it is likely to be an indication of a problem with the ignition or burnt-out wire.

Wires get burnt out over time. This could be the cause of problems with the ignitor, or thermostat, and is risky for fire, and must to be repaired by a specialized contractor, as soon as possible.

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