Everything You Need to Know About Condo Insurance – Home insurance Ratings


is not covered by your carpeting and countertops. It doesn’t cover your drywall flooring, or appliances.

Who does Condo insurance cover?

Condo insurance protects what happens inside your unit. Walls damaged by the inside as well as explosion and fire damage as well as personal property of the owner such as furniture and appliances. There are two forms of Condo insurance, replacement cost, as well as cash value. This is the one that covers the cost to replace the item and the other one covers the amount that the items are protected without depreciation.

For example, if your washer was taken in your condominium unit, the insurance company will write an account of how much the washing machine was worth at it’s purchase and the value when it was taken. It will also check the value of your washer for replacing cost.

Cash value can be a suitable option if the item is brand new. On the other hand, replacement cost coverage is better in the event that your objects are used or have lost value.