Save it for later with bookmarks

There is a ton of content online today. Weeding out the good from the bad can be a real chore. When you find something that you like, whether it’s a site about recipes, music or videos, or even meme pages and other funny content, you want to be able to see it again easily without having to research. That’s why people use browser tools to bookmark page which allows them to readily access the website or page at just the touch of a button. Bookmark pages are easy to use and in most browser applications, there are tabs dedicated to this function. When you go to save bookmarks, you are typically asked if you want to bookmark page. The page could be something you want to visit again, or it’s something you know you will use again. Some people prefer to save whole sites as separate tabs on their browser. You can save your favorite sites, such as Yahoo or bookmark top social sites will will allow you to access and share to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and more. When you create a social media button or bookmark page, you can share with your friends all the things that you saved so that they, too, can have a deeper appreciation of all the best in web content. When you share posts on your favorite social sites, you can show your friends your thoughts and opinions. They can choose to use bookmark pages when too, which will make their browsing experience more enjoyable, as well.
There are even specific services dedicated to helping those who want to bookmark pages. Known as social bookmarking services, they are a centralized online service that enables users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents as well as share the network. These management services, one specifically known as Delicious Bookmarks, which was founded in 2003, have helped popularize the term “save bookmarks,” “social bookmarks,” and “tagging.” Tagging is similar to save bookmarks because it allows other people to see what you deemed worthy. Part of social save bookmarks, tags work by enabling users to organize their bookmarks in flexible ways and develop a shared social vernacular.