Share the News with the Share Post Function

Find something interesting and exciting online and wish you could share it with all your real and virtual friends? The share post function on Facebook allows you to share a unique and interesting post with anyone online.

The share post feature on Facebook is extremely easy to use. It actually takes just a click of a social media button and the entire post has been shared with all your friends on Facebook. It is almost like the bookmark page button on websites, but instead of bookmarking a page it shares a single post on Facebook. It is like a virtual microphone that sends a single message to everyone and anyone on Facebook.

If you wan to share with your friends, you will have to learn how to use the share post feature. Every post on Facebook comes with a share post button. It is located near the like and comment buttons on Facebook. All a Facebook user needs to do is click this button and it starts the share post function.

Once the share post function button has been pressed, the rest is easy. A popup will appear on the screen showing you what post you will share to Facebook. This popup allows you to control privacy settings, type a message, and post the entire post on Facebook. The privacy control settings on this popup allow you to block the post from certain Facebook friends, share the post publicly, or even include other people that may not be Facebook friends with you.

Facebook is about sharing and networking with people. The share post function allows people to share the network news and photos that are found on Facebook with a touch of a button. It takes just 5 seconds to use the share post function and the news and photos are shared with hundreds, if not thousands, of people online.