Social Bookmarking Allows You to Share the Network

Are you familiar with social bookmarking? Social bookmarking is a web service growing in popularity as people continue to share the network. It is another type of online social networking. Basically, a social bookmarking site will allow you to upload and create bookmarks for yourself and to share with your friends.

What are the advantages to using such a site? For personal use, many people have various bookmarks located on work and home computers, and on different web browsers as well. Social bookmarking allows them to share the network on a single site. Social bookmarking is also helpful because it allows users to tag each bookmark with categories. This makes it easier to search through collections of bookmarks, which can include links to several hundred different websites.

Bookmarking is also popular as a way to share posts with other online users. It is a free and legal content sharing system. Many popular websites today would be defined as social bookmarking sites, since their main purpose is spreading knowledge through link sharing rather than by the creation of original content. When you bookmark a page, your tags allow other people interested in topics such as, say, colorful butterflies, to find the content you have posted. Unlike a bittorrent share, users do not have to download anything initially and can read the description of the link to try and figure out if it is something they are really interested in.

Social bookmark pages have some advantages over search engines for finding information since they have been individually categorized, sorted, and vouched for relevancy. Search engine algorithms often have to make assumptions about language that do not always allow users to access the most relevant sites.

It is easy to share the network of social bookmarking, since most sites have easy to find buttons that allow you to cross post share to facebook. If you are interested and want to share the network yourself, a quick search engine look will reveal multiple popular bookmarking sites.