The Best Basement Remodeling Tips You Must Follow – Creative Decorating Ideas

V Maxwell discusses some of the best basement renovation tips to help you create the space you want.

Traditional basement construction with Styrofoam insulation, and vapor barriers are not an ideal way to complete an unfinished basement. The vapor of water in humid environments is a prime cause of growth of mold and mildew. Concrete floors are a good place to trap moisture under carpets.

Instead of using traditional methods today, it’s possible to utilize engineered solutions to can solve the biggest issues with basement water.

To keep from condensation Engineered Subfloor Systems make use of 2×2 interlocking plywood tiles that are placed on top of the plastic.

Foam wall systems are made up of polystyrene foam that has been expanded and layered over an underlying layer of drywall. Foam wall panels may be added to the subfloor on the top. They feature an opening in the walls in front and behind the wall. The opening allows air to move through the wall which prevents water vapor from being accumulated.

The foam walls as well as the engineered subfloors are an improvement on traditional methods of finishing basements. arjf7ivid8.