What does Your Audience Want? Three Tips for Being Popular on Social Bookmarking Sites

Why is everyone talking about social bookmarking? Lately, it has been dominating the lists of top internet trends. You might recognize the names of some of the most popular sites, including Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and of course, Delicious. Combined, these sites alone add up to over 400 million unique monthly visitors. Do you want to be popular on social bookmarking sites? Here are three tips on getting a lot of likes, retweets, reposts and more from the content you share with your friends.

1. Share Food Pics

Food pics are popular, and it is difficult to say why. Even with thousands of people uploading food pictures everyday, they are still guaranteed to generate you some traffic. Want to really make a splash? Share food pics of uniquely designed food, such as sushi that looks like a cat or smiley face. Keep in mind that this trend is so popular that many restaurants are banning the practice, so either keep your phone down or learn how to be discrete!

2. The Latest Topics

Whether you are on Reddit or posting a share to Facebook, people are often more tuned in to updates that relate to the latest news. For example, a lot of news reports are coming out right now about contaminated ocean water in the Pacific due to nuclear fallout. You can either directly discuss this, or share posts about related topics in order to get the attention of your followers. Check out what the most popular posts are on each site you use, and try to get a feel for how they are similar to each other.

3. Everyone likes Infographics

How can you get a post that will appeal to the visual language of Pinterest, yet also strike fancy to your text snippet lovers on Twitter? Try infographics. You can either make these yourself or find them on hosting sites. Infographics convey data and information in an interesting and visual manner, often catching reader eyes more than just a text or image post would. On sites where you bookmark pages, infographics can be immensely popular.

What are your strategies for improving social bookmarking content? Let us know in the comments!