What is Epoxy Flooring? – E-Library

Apply a tinted 100 percent solid epoxy layer on the garage floor.

Mike will explain the stages involved in the creation of an epoxy coating. This includes:
Cleansing the floor. To get rid of old paint on the floors and then smooth it, he makes use of grinding equipment with diamond blades. A different option is an DIAMABRUSH pre-treatment tool. The floors that have been smoothed are washed down using denatured alcohol to get rid of dust.

The primer keeps moisture out of damaging the epoxy coat. The primer is spread out evenly and allowed to sit for a couple of hours, or perhaps overnight for it time to fully dry. Distribute the epoxy over the flooringand apply it to the flooring until it’s uniform and smooth. Mike prefers using a gallon of epoxy to cover 100 square feet.

Mike then applies the urethane finish that is a durable and scratch-resistant surface. It helps protect the epoxy floor and guarantees durability. ai2fo2o49w.